Roza Moradi, MD.DNM

Doctorate of Natural Medicine

Ayurveda Practitioner

After finishing her Honors degree in psychology science in Canada, Roza Moradi was ready to peruse her dream of being a physician by moving to united state.
She has successful finished the medical program with high honors grades in all topics during the school years and also as a chief medical Student in one the high valued hospitals in Chicago,
However, something was missing….
Something that she discovered during her long shifts at the hospital rounds while caring for more than 20 patients a day. She couldn’t quite get what it was, but finding the best way to Cure the cause of each patient’s health issue rather than controlling with medications started to be her passion.
As she was planning to return to Canada to practice, some health issues raised among her family members that was enough of spark for her to find some alternative ways.
As she was getting ready to apply for residency in Canada she has found that missing peace in her profession: Natural Medicine
Helping her small family to recover, now she was more eager to learn more and more about it.
That’s when she found not any kind of natural alternative medicine but she got introduced to the most ancient wisdom in Natural medicine called: Ayurveda
Finishing her degree as an Ayurveda health educator and Ayurveda counselors, she has decided to peruse her dream of reaching the highest degree in the program by becoming Doctor of natural medicine ,specialized in Ayurveda.
She continued her journey further, she had to discover the root of this wisdom by traveling to the place where it all began: India
She has attended an advanced course on clinical experiences in Ayurveda in Pune, where she has learned all the therapeutic hands on treatment methods along with preparation of herbal formulas by attending a D.Y. Patil University in Pune along with collaboration of International Academy of Ayurveda (IAA) a world-renowned, esteemed faculty of Dr. Subash and Dr. Sunanda Ranade.

She was also able to get a hands on experience in Enhance Ayurvedic nutritional knowledge and training in Panchkarma therapies at Tan Man Ayurveda institute where She has Experienced the true nature of Ayurveda. Explored the herbal gardens and herbal preparations and learning their place in well-being gave her so much passion to not only practice this ancient medicine but also to spread the knowledge of this life changing wisdom.
After returning from India ,and gaining the highest qualification in natural medicine as a Doctor of natural medicine , certified both in Canada And USA, along with her practices, she has became a faculty member in Ayurvedic institute in Toronto and started to teach this wisdom .

she always dreams that the great knowledge of Ayurveda will touch many more people’s heart and impact them in the healthiest, happiest way possible